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Common Bike Locking Mechanisms

11/12/2013 Back To Blog

It is very important to have the right locking mechanism for security reasons. Just as security is essential in homes and business, it is also important for protecting personal property such as your bike. Here are a few common types used for such purposes.


Any type of lock is capable of being broken, but a reliable and complex locking component will lower the dangers of a breach.  Most bike locking components are the cable style, but there are several different kinds to choose from.  Some are better at keeping your bike from being targeted by thieves.

U Type

One of the most widely used theft deterrent kind is the U-lock. It is a largerlocking component that can resist the threat of saws, hammers, and chisels. It is shaped like a horseshoe which cuts down on the leverage that is needed to break the lock.  It must be the right size because if it is to big then it won’t work. If it is oversized then criminals can use a crowbar to gather enough leverage to pop the mechanism. The U-locks are available in sizes small to large. The larger models enable you to secure the bike’s wheel and frame to an object.  Some manufacturers of these type locks offer a warranty; it is best to speak to a technician from locksmith Calabasas for suggestions of various lockset types.


These type locks are very adaptable and versatile to any size or type of object. They are not as theft deterrent as the U-type but they are very suitable for using at work, the gym, or even school. Easily removable parts such bicycle seats can be secured by using a cable and U-lock together. Some are used with a padlock and are even armored coated. They can come in different designs and colors.


Chain locking kinds use specifically structured links that disables leveraging and resist against saws and chisel tools. These are sturdy and require a padlock to be used with it. They are bulky and heavy, mostly utilized to secure stationary objects. They are tough enough to deter a thief from wanting to mess with it.

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