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We offer short and smart answers to all your questions related with various types of locks and keys. To read more, scroll down. Find out more about how to deal with lockouts, what to do when the keys are broken and lost, and how to handle lock issues.

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My house keys were lost.  What will I do with my lock?  Do I have to buy new locks?

There is no need for you to buy new locks.  Locksmith services such as “Locksmith Calabasas” can rekey your locks.  Lock rekeying is a process of replacing the tumblers of a lock cylinder with a differently-sized tumbler.  A new key that will be provided by your locksmith will coincide with the tumbler.  The old key will then no longer work on the lock.

I want all the locks in my house to use the same key.  Is this possible?

Yes.  Your locksmith can assist you with this.  Most of the time, you will be able to use existing keys.  Locksmith services can code the keys alike.  This is termed as keyed alike.  An easy way to determine if your keys can be keyed alike is by placing the one common key inside the keyway or cylinder on the locks.  If the key fits in every lock, then all locks can be keyed alike.

Why must I remove keys from internal doors?

This is recommended for families with small kids because they can get locked inside rooms by mistake. It's convenient to have locks at some internal doors but always remember to keep some duplicates in order to help someone locked in. You must be able to open the door locks of your house at all times.

How do mortice keys work?

These kinds of keys are distinguished by the fact that they can spin for up to 360 degrees. In doing so they resolve one of the common challenges associated with lever deadlocks particularly when you use excessive force. Avoid breaking the bolt tail through abuse.

What is a security strike plate?

This component of a door lockset is made from heavy-duty metal and is attached to the door frame with the use of 3-inch screws rather than the traditional 1-inch screws.

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