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Be your own locksmith. Follow the tips and tricks of the best professionals and feel safe at home.

Take a look at our tips below and find out how you can choose the right locking system for your home or office. We also have information on how beneficial professional locksmiths are because of the kind of services they offer to homeowners and business owners alike.

Ways to discourage break-ins

To secure your door against break-ins, you can place deadbolt locks on all your doors. If you happen to have broken locks, contacting the specialists at “Locksmith Calabasas” to take care of your concerns is much advised. To discourage burglars or break-ins from prying your doors open, remove large spaces between doors and frames. If the hinges of the door are outside of your house, uninstall the door and reset its hinges inside.

Tips to a more secured glass panel door

It is very easy for thieves to break glass panels in its attempt to enter your house. Glass panels near doors should be reinforced. Keep your windows secured by placing alarm systems and burglar-resistant glass. Locks on windows are also helpful. If you happen to have a lock that needs repair, contact “Locksmith Calabasas” to provide further information.

Keep your company secure

Lock change is important for companies, which keep valuables belonging to clients and where hundreds of people work in. Make sure the locks are rekeyed when disappointed employees are dismissed, confide employees' access to certain rooms with good door locks and change the codes of electronic locks often.

Be clear when asking for help

When you need professional help with fixing your locks, you need to be very clear with the instructions you give to our technician. By then, our locksmith will bring the right tools to fix the problem rather than go back, since something was left out.

Keep kids safe by locking the cabinets

Some cabinets at home ought to remain locked when the children are still young enough to tell right from wrong. Our experts suggest keeping knives, sharp tools, medicine, hazardous substances and other things you consider dangerous placed in cabinets out of their reach with good cabinet locks.

Keep your keys out of sight

Burglars are simply waiting in line to invade your premises. Do not give them any chance by making sure that your keys are kept in a safe place, away from view. If you leave your keys on the door lock or near the window ledges, burglars can easily break in and reach for them.

Replace a damaged key immediately

Replace a damaged car key right away. It can easily break and you will be unable to turn the ignition to start the car.

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