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How A Lock Works

11/12/2013 Back To Blog

Let’s face it; we see locks every day, we use them constantly and most of us know nothing about the lock mechanisms and their functionality? How does lock work? What are the constitutive parts of one lock? Why certain locks can be opened with just specific kind of keys? Why certain locks can be more easily picked than others? There are definitely lots of curious things behind this apparently simple and extremely useful mechanism.

Are all the locks the same

Before we say anything about the lock mechanism it is very important to say how there are different types of locks and all these types have different functioning principle behind them. Basically they all have the same purpose which is to close and open the lock and to safe the door they are put on. However their mechanisms differ and highly depend on the type of the lock you have. The most frequently found and used lock out there is famous pin tumbler lock or Yale lock – which was named after its inventor.

Pin tumbler lock

Pin tumbler lock basically functions on pin matching principle. The lock’s mechanism includes two lines of pines that need to be perfectly aligned. Once the key is put into the lock, the pins should be perfect fit for the cuts in the pins. Each key usually has five pins. If the pins on the key do not fit the cuts of the pins the lock will remain closed. Also in some cases if your key is rusty or if it is not properly made and cut you will have to move your key a little bit before you manage to open the door. And sometimes you will have to even try to kick the door a little bit so the physical pressure would influence the lock alignment and final lock opening.

Locksmiths and locks

If you have passion for locks or you know nothing about the same the best thing to do would be to ask your local locksmith professional to tell you all there is to know about locks, locks mechanism, lock rekeys, key cuts, lock types, locks emergencies, emergency lockouts, house lockouts, vehicle lockouts and all the other relevant matters pertaining to locksmith industry. Most of the times when it comes to locks people are usually interested in knowing and learning how to pick a lock and while this actually is very interesting matter there are also many other very fascinating themes related to locks and keys.

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