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How to Change Deadbolts

05/08/2015 Back To Blog

Do you think a simple door lockset can keep you secure? There is a reason why there are variations among locks in terms of their quality and resistance. It makes a difference to security. Simple locks are perfect for doors, which need to remain out of the reach of your children or other people, but they are not the ideal solution for main entrances. It's not accidental that most people select deadbolt installation these days so they can obtain peace of mind in regard to their security! Though, bolts get damaged, too. The fact that you bought a good bolt years ago doesn't imply that you will keep it forever. They can retain several problems over the years and truly lock repair is not always the remedy. In some cases, bolts must be replaced.

Choose the same bolt for your convenience

The good news is that dead lock replacement is not hard. Unless you choose to go with something entirely different, the procedure is rather simple. In a different case, you need to drill new holes and get the right measurements before anything else. Since the quality of the door is also vital for your security, don't spend money on a new bolt just yet. At least not until you verify that the door is alright. Doors must also be strong and not hollow and be secured with powerful hinges. In order to make lock change worth your while, see if the door needs replacement before you go to all this trouble.

If the only thing you have to do is to remove the existing bolt and replace it with a new one, get your screwdriver to remove the screws of the current bolt. Start with the inner part of the door and move your way to the outside. Once the screws are off, pull the two parts out of the door and then unscrew and remove the lock mechanism from the edge of the door.

Attention: You still have to measure the distance from the middle of the doorknob to the edge of the door and also the door's thickness before buying the new bolt. Also remember to disassemble the bolt once you are ready for the new lock installation or else you will leave your house unprotected.

The new bolt is installed in the holes of the door. Start by inserting the latch at the side of the door and continue by putting the exterior part of the lock and then the inside part. Make sure the screws fit in the holes well and are aligned. All you have to do now is tighten the screws, make sure the latch is aligned with the strike plate, and the door is locking okay.

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