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Solutions for Car Ignition Problems

07/28/2016 Back To Blog

Just like door locks, you use the car ignition every day. You just insert the key, turn it and drive off. But what if something’s wrong with the ignition? Take a closer look at the most common issues which affect it and how to deal with them effectively without wasting any time.

Eliminating the Underlying Cause of the Problem

Do you find it difficult to insert the car key into the ignition? This could be due to blockage. Often, you transfer lint from your pocket when using the key and it can get built up inside the cylinder. Cleaning will help you eliminate the problem. Lubrication will make the ignition work even more smoothly. Despite the common misconception, this kind of basic car ignition repair can do wonders.

When the lock is perfectly clean, but you still find it difficult to use, the problem may actually be with the key. Take the transponder key out of the ignition and inspect the blade carefully. Watch out for dull edges and for tiny chips. Place the key next to a straight edge to see if the blade is parallel. If it isn’t, then you should get the key repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

If the key is fine and there is no blockage inside the ignition, it can be damaged or faulty. A close inspection will reveal the precise cause of the problem. When repair is not possible, car ignition change will be the only solution. To prevent future trouble, you should turn the key gently inside the lock without using a great amount of force. You should also check the blade to confirm that it’s free from lint before inserting it.

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